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What started out as a hobby for tech-savvy journalists in the late 1990s, reached its full expansion during the 2000s and became a necessity for online businesses in 2010s. Blogging has been growing in popularity and becoming a widely adopted way to express your opinion, share your experience, and affect the world we live in. It has also found its way into the business world helping companies reach online customers.

The goal of this course is to help you understand what blogging is, why it is so popular, and how you can benefit from starting a blog. The beginning of the course is focused on the beginnings of blogging, alongside current statistics that illustrate the state of blogging today. This will give you insights into how people (especially in the business world) see blogging and how this is a strategy that has an impact on many other segments of business running.

Then, you will learn about blogging platforms and how to choose one. Blogging essentials are the next topic the course focuses on. Both of these are necessary steps in creating your own blog. These represent the starting point from which you will later develop other aspects before your blog is officially launched.

The course continues with a blogging strategy, with the most important aspects to consider when creating your own blogging strategy to support your blog. If you already have a business, the next chapter will show you how you can integrate blogging into the online promotion of your business. Since blogging and content, in general, have proven to help with organic traffic, lead generation and eventually conversions, having a blog is a great way to power up your business success.

The following segment features a couple of promotional strategies, including blogger outreach and guest blogging, and continues with vlogging, an increasingly popular type of blogging, that can be one of the options you can explore.

Apart from the many benefits of blogging, which are covered in the course, making money through blogging is certainly one of the main motives people explore blogging. The course includes an entire chapter with the most commonly used ways of monetizing your blog and turning a blog into a business. These ideas will inspire you to discover the potential of your blog and turn it into a business you will love.

Tips to help you run a successful blog and mistakes that can come along the way are featured in the next section of the course. The main goal here is to have in mind that many other aspects, such as search engine optimization, email marketing, organizational skills, and technical issues may affect your blog performance. Hence the need to explore them further. In fact, you should probably find even more resources for each of these topics and discover best practices that can help you with your blog performance.

Finally, everything is wrapped up in a chapter that focuses on blogging as a part of online marketing. You will need to understand that blogging is a part of online promotion. If combined with other aspects of online marketing, it can seriously boost your performance. This is why learning more about online marketing and how your blog can benefit from it should be one of your goals.

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